My approach

1. Time for analytics

Before proceeding directly to the design, it takes me several hours or even days (depending on the project) to analyze the basic mechanisms of your business, understand your target audience and goals, collect a mood board, and research about your competitors. Without this it is impossible to create a tool that will work.

If you have a technical task, this time it will be less. If there is no technical task, be ready because the time to prepare for work on the design will increase.

2. Pricing and rates per hour spent

Before starting work, I make an approximate estimation of the minimum and maximum costs. While working I report on the time spent, and as a result, you will pay for my actual time. It is impossible to determine the exact time of work in advance, especially if there is no technical task. In fixed estimates, specialists add hours for the safety net, which they may not use in the end. Sometimes while working new conditions arise and more hours are spent than planned.

Calculation example:

Report example:

3. Developer-friendly source file

It will be convenient and clear for your developers to work with my Figma files. If you save on the amount of the designing hours, there is a high risk that you will pay more money to the developer later.